Monday, February 19, 2018
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Its all ululations and whistles at the Kgosi Sechele I Museum as they received a grant of P15,000.00 from Y Care late last year. The grant was meant to help the museum acquire additional computers, laminator and binder in order to develop the Kgosi Sechele I Museum secretarial service project.

All along, the museum has been using one computer which was not enough for the three main areas of use namely;

  • Office Administration
  • Museological Administration
  • Income Generation (Secretarial Service).

This aspect of generating income through secretarial services was introduced some few years ago to complement the curio shop and other fundraising activities which are being carried out by the museum. The Income Generation is supplemented through providing internet service, designing and producing of funeral programs and graduation invitations. This was something which was undertaken with out enough equipment and appeared unprofessional and time consuming to other two areas of use.

To date, the museum has since bought two more computers, laminator and binder. The just mentioned machines have really proved to be handy to the museum staffs as we are now able to cope with the number of request services we receive due to an improved service. Young and enthusiastic staffs are already employed at the museum and this enthusiasm has been harnessed with new equipment acquired through this grant.

The acquisition of these new equipment’s has also enabled the work load at the museum to be spread amongst staff members, provided staff with current technological training, upgraded the museums office equipment and generated additional revenue to the museum.

Since we add the new equipment, our income from secretarial services has increased double fold. And for the first time, since the establishment of this secretarial service, we have managed record a surplus at the end of the last financial year. It is however, very important to mention that any revenue generated from these particular project is ploughed back into the museum to acquire new artifacts for the collection, improve displays and help with maintenance costs.

The Kgosi Sechele I Museum is a community-based project for Kweneng District. It is a community project with very limited resources whereas it has a very wide responsibility in the district. However, the museum receives an annual subvention from government, through Botswana National Museum to cover staff emoluments.

As a community project, The Museum is governed by a Board of Trustees, which has the overall responsibility for the Museum, with the Museum curator who is responsible for the professional operation and the administration of the Museum, which also includes staff management and supervision.


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