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Gaing-O Community Trust (GCT) is a legal set up registered as a trust in 1997 to represent the interest and aspirations of the community of Mmatshumo and surrounding settlements. It started operating in 1999 with 3 employees It was formed out of a concern by the Mmatshumo community on damages caused at Lekhubu Island as a result of uncontrolled tourism activities and lack of proper management. The community was losing out on the potential benefits emanating from tourism such as income generation and employment. As a result of the uncontrolled activities Lekhubu Island was being degraded posing a threat to the beauty and the cultural and heritage resources.

Nature Of Business

The business is offering guided tours on the Lekhubu   monument, campsite and lunascape.


Lekhubu Island is located 45km North East of Mmatshumo in the Makgakgadi pans.   The GPS coordinates are: 20% 53:50S,25% 49:41E

Objectives Of The Trust

The objectives of the trust are amongst other things

  1. Protection of the island by the local community through controlled tourist movement
  2. Generation of income and creation of jobs
  3. Community Environmental management   and education
  4. Training of community members
  5. Finding new ways of generating income from natural resources


GCT is run by the board of trustees which comprises of nine members with tenure of three years in office. The board of trustees is complemented by a management unit which comprises the General Manager and the Bookkeeper. GCT has a fully equipped office with telephone, fax services, email connection and an interconnected radio network.


The trust has employed 9 employees and through the initiative of 100 monuments the government has employed 4 people for the trust. All of them are residents of Mmatshumo.

Help From Y-Care

Our office was not easily identified by the tourists, we asked for a grant from Y-Care since 2010 to construct an entrance gate. The building is not yet complete; our hope is that by next year the structure will be in use.

Thank you very much for your continued support.


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