Monday, February 19, 2018
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Dira Le Rona Youth Centre (DLRYC) is donated by Y-Care Charitable Trust for 2013; the funds were used to purchase a 3-in one printer to raise funds for the sustainability of the organization. The printer is used at the secretarial project where we photocopying, scanning, laminating, typing and designing invitation cards and many more activities.


Improved Quality of life of LOBOSOSHALE People by 2016.


Improving Quality of life of LOBOSOSHALE People through Education Entrepreneurship Entertainment as a whole.


  • To provide health education focusing on HIV/AIDS substance abuse, nutrition and productive health
  • To promote behavioural change with a focus on faithfulness to one tested sexual partner.
  • To provide career/professional guidance education that utilizes life skills recourses to help people learn about, set goals in and achieve in a particular career.
  • To provide computer, internet, fax, photocopying, scanning, and printing skills education that will facilitate personal, professional, and particularly entrepreneurial growth.
  • To provide entrepreneurial guidance through related written resources and internet use. The dream coaches will also facilitate achievement of entrepreneurial goals.
  • To provide entertainment of a wholesome, alcohol and substance free nature that is Education, intellectual, sport-related, or arts related in content.

Achievements and Community Service

  • So far the Secretarial service has done a lot from December last year (2013); we have risen up to BWP1681.00 from December and January only. We provide our services to the communities of Loologane Settlement, Boatlaname, Sojwe, Shadishadi, Lephepe and Otse at the central District.
  • We also help/assist Sojwe customary court with photocopying their documents for free because they have given us the office for free though is small.
  • We are intending to reserve 25% of the raised funds for the development of Youth Centre‚Äôs plot. 10% of the profit will be used for allowances for the workers, 5% for Equipment maintenance, 20% for stationery, 10% giving back to the community (Charity) and last 30% for the future use.
  • The project is very marketable in our area because we are the sole service providers.
  • The printer is making very colourful copies, invitation cards that the printer we had and customers are happy about it.


Dira Le Rona is experienced unreliable market especially during January, as we all know that is the busy month with low demand.
We do not have enough resources to market our services.


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